January, 2015

shrimp po boy

In my three years with Charlene's Kitchen I have never seen a dish that Charlene couldn't prepare to its utmost perfection - from Lasagnas, to her infamous Grilled Spiced shrimp, all the way to her beautifully crafted salads - I think it's safe to say the woman is an artist. What is the most both impressive and inspiring about Charlene's cooking is the way that she makes even the simplest dishes - like a sandwich, for instance - the most delicious I've ever experienced. And as a post-college 20-something year old, I know a thing or two about sandwiches. Charlene's surely take the cake.

Our new Shrimp Po' Boy is the perfect example of how a Charlene-tweak can take the most popular and classic sandwiches to a whole-nother level. A new staff favorite in the kitchen, our Shrimp Po' Boy is one of a few gems that we enjoy here in the shop, and have now been made available for events! Not every event calls for a heavy-duty menu; and whether you are hosting in the office, at home, or anywhere else, there's just nothing like a satisfying sandwich to add to an event's success.

Our "Perfect Party Sandwich" section is now available on our Catering menu, and will continue to grow as Charlene continues to amaze us in the kitchen with both classic and brand-new sandwiches, customized to perfection.

Take a look here.

Denaya J.