I think we tend to overthink the idea of a "party". We over plan and stress ourselves out which takes away from the experience. This week at Charlene's Kitchen, we enjoyed an impromptu and informal lunch that perfectly demonstrated the potential ease of enjoying food with family and friends. Charlene created an unforgettable lunch with the most unpretentious menu: hot dogs & salad. However, let's be honest - we all know that there was a signature Charlene twist to these items.  



Hot dogs can be found in the back of most refrigerators, and can be elevated with a variety of toppings. Charlene, a Williams-Sonoma employee for over 30 years, is a huge fan of their condiment selection. The Williams-Sonoma Bloody Mary Ketchup is one of her favorite specialty gourmet ketchups! It has a nice kick without being too spicy. The Chipotle Drizzler and Wasabi Drizzler, also from Williams-Sonoma, were packed with flavor and are a must-have if you have vegan or vegetarian friends at your impromptu and informal party!





Besides the wonderful sauces, Charlene chopped a white onion and put it in a cute bowl with an antique spoon. A bowl full of freshly sliced avocado with salt, pepper, and cilantro was mashed together for a quick and healthy option for topping our hot dogs.











Lunches like these remind us that you don't need to go out of your way to have a presentable meal with friends! Elevate family favorites such as hot dogs or other sandwiches by giving your guests plenty of options for toppings and by keeping your setting presentable. A little can go a long way!