The latest addition to Charlene's book collection, Wise Cocktails by Jennie Ripps and Maria Littlefield, offers a guide to brewing and crafting tea-based cocktails. The two women behind the brand wanted to combine their love of tea with a desire to create cocktails that go beyond vodka-sodas.  



Jennie and Maria decided on the "wise owl" as their logo because it represents their food wisdom. They believe in the power of tea and the medicinal properties of herbs, stems, and other foods when steeped in water. In 2013, the former marketing colleagues developed Owl's Brew which is the very first bottled tea specifically designed for creating cocktails. Owl's Brew comes in a variety of flavors and can be mixed with liquor, beer, wine, and champagne for instant cocktails! This upcoming winter season, Charlene's Kitchen is excited to put The Classic Owl's Brew on the shelf and pull out the Mulling Blend.


Owl's Brew Mulling Blend


We found the Owl's Brew Mulling Blend at West Elm, and Charlene suggests stocking up while it's still in season! The Mulling Blend is a warming combination of spices, cranberry, and apple cider. It can easily be used until the end of February!


P.S. Keep the Owl's Brew bottle after you've finished concocting! Charlene is known for saving unique bottles and upcycling them. The matte black bottle will be the perfect vase for a sprig of bittersweet on next years Halloween bar!