Food, signs, and props: Charlene's Kitchen                                  Michelle Lindsay's Photography

Food, signs, and props: Charlene's Kitchen                                 Michelle Lindsay's Photography


Alas! Winter is in her final throws, and we are finally beginning to see hints of her baby sister-Spring! Spring fare at Charlene's Kitchen can be summarized in one word:


Spring is the season when Charlene begins to take full advantage of all of the wonderful local farmers markets including Dupont, Sherwood Hall Lane, and the Old Town Farmers Market on King Street. The warmer weather calls for lighter fare, and Charlene is back at the drawing boards brainstorming new menu ideas! Expect new farm-fresh salads, wholesome grains, and plenty of fresh herbs.

Charlene's homemade veggie dips are a great alternative to their creamy cousins! She creates wonderful dips from beans, root vegetables, and other healthy items. Her homemade dips can be served alongside crudite, pita chips, a fresh baguette, or even spread on your sandwich! Reference the Dips section of our menu the next time you are looking for a figure-friendly option this Spring!