Charlene is always looking for beautiful outdoor settings to enjoy her days off (yes she does have them!). Green Springs Gardens is a local gem that is only about 15 minutes outside of Old Town.

Green Springs Gardens are lined with serene paths that are perfect for walking with friends or taking a meditative stroll. The park opens at dusk, and the benches by this pond would be a great place to sit and enjoy your morning coffee! The path by the pond leads you into the woods towards the Horticulture Center. It is a wonderfully calming path!


Once you emerge from the woods, you are bombarded with the natural beauty of the land! There is a different kind of garden in every direction as the property has over 22 themed gardens total. The grounds offer inspiration for the home gardener, and the staff are happy to answer any questions visitors may have pertaining to gardening techniques, history, native plants, etc.


Be sure to stop by the Horticulture Center to learn about volunteer opportunities, programs, and Master Gardeners. They also hold lectures, workshops, and tours about nature, horticulture, and history. 

See you Saturday, September 10th at the Fall Garden Day!

See you Saturday, September 10th at the Fall Garden Day!