We just made a big batch of shrubs in our new summer flavors! Shrubs are perfect for making refreshing mocktails (just mix with soda water) or delicious cocktails! If you want to learn about what shrubs are and how they are made, check out this blog post from last year: http://charlenes-kitchen.com/blog/2017/5/31/o0zciurqxdrcr53k2aptxwgzd0w0ti


Our nine summer flavors are:

  • Kiwi - pairs well with gin, vodka, and white whiskey
  • Peach Ginger - pairs well with bourbon
  • Sour Cherry - pairs well with bourbon, rye, and white whiskey
  • Blueberry Lavender - pairs well with white whiskey and vodka
  • Blackberry Raspberry - pairs well with white whiskey, rum, and vodka 
  • Strawberry Watermelon - pairs well with tequila and gin
  • Yellow Kiwi - pairs well with gin, vodka, and white whiskey
  • Cucumber - pairs well with gin, vodka, and white whiskey
  • Cantaloupe Mint - pairs well with rye, cava, and prosecco

We also have savory shrubs coming next week!

Order some today! Each 8oz bottle is $18. Get $3 off for each empty bottle you bring back to be refilled!


By Emily Kiernan