We are in the middle of July and Charlene’s Kitchen is working through the heat! Our Sidewalk Sale has been booming, with many of the popular dishes being lasagna, bolognese, and stroganoff, all of which can be frozen for up to three months. It’s best to get it now for a discounted price so you can enjoy it whenever you need a break from making dinner in the busy fall.


In addition to the Sidewalk Sale, we’ve been selling a lot of our BBQ Basics salads such as the White Bean Salad, Cold Pasta Salad, or BLT Pasta Salad. All of these come in quarts so it’s easy to travel with and take for a stress-free beach day.


At events, our big seller has been our Summer Shrubs. If you don’t know what Shrubs are, you can refer to our earlier post about them here: http://charlenes-kitchen.com/blog/2017/5/31/o0zciurqxdrcr53k2aptxwgzd0w0ti

They come in flavors such as Yellow Kiwi, Strawberry Basil, and Meyer Lemon, and can be made into cocktails (mix with alcohol) or mocktails (mix with soda water) so that everyone can have them! Their fruity taste and cute display with fresh slices of fruit makes them a summer party favorite as you can see on the Charlene’s Kitchen Instagram.

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Blog Post by Sophie Torres, newest member of Charlene's Kitchen

Georgetown Visitation Class of 2019 | William and Mary Class of 2023