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Here at Charlene's Kitchen we have been obsessed with shrubs lately, as you've probably noticed from posts on our various social media accounts. However, not everyone knows what shrubs are or what they're used for.  Thus, we have decided to dedicate a whole blog post to shrubs!

In short, shrubs are sweetened vinegar-based syrups used to make cocktails (or mocktails!).

Shrubs originated in England in the 17th century and were originally used to preserve fruit as an alternative to using citrus juice. Shrubs fell out of popularity when home refrigeration became mainstream, but they resurged in popularity in 2011 and 2012. 

Shrubs are made by combining fruit (or vegetables or herbs) with vinegar and sugar. We prefer using turbinado sugar in our shrubs; raw sugar makes the final product better. Later, the pieces of fruit are strained out, leaving behind the delicious syrup!

Shrubs can be used to make an infinite variety of drinks. They can obviously be mixed with alcohol to make cocktails, but they can also be mixed with water or soda water to make mocktails! Mocktails are all the rage right now-- they're a great non-alcoholic option and much fancier than serving soda!

Charlene's Kitchen shrubs come in four varieties: Meyer lemon, cucumber, strawberry balsamic, and blueberry lavender. Our shrubs can be be part of a full Charlene Experience bar at your next party or they can simply be picked up to go in our store! Each 8 ounce bottle costs $18. Try it out the next time you place an order!

Blog Post by Emily Kiernan, newest member of Charlene's Kitchen

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