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"Charlene, Denaya and the entire Charlene’s Kitchen team are fantastic. 

My wife, Jessie, and I came to Charlene with nothing but the wispiest ideas of what we wanted for a cocktail party to celebrate our marriage. We found Charlene through my Mom, who has known her for years, and she assured us she was just the woman we needed to make our evening unforgettable. She was absolutely right. 

We wanted to create an understated but elegant and fun evening at the historic Athenaeum in Old Town, Alexandria. We chose Saturday May 6th, Derby Day, as our date and Charlene immediately jumped at the derby for inspiration. She helped us flesh out a vision for our evening by asking the right questions and immediately understanding what we wanted before we could even articulate it. Where we were short of details, she was full of ideas...

On the big day, Charlene and her team hit it out of the park. We were welcomed with our initials hanging on the Athenaeum doors crafted from succulents. Inside we were met with a gorgeous bar accented with a hand-written sign for mint juleps and silver julep cups. 

On each cocktail table, we found gorgeous arrangements and flickering lanterns. To the right of our bar she created an amazing lounge space with a Victorian love seat and elegant pieces to compliment it. 

But it was the food – and Charlene’s arrangement at the center of it – that stole the show. In the center of pounds of Charlene’s famous shrimp, deviled eggs, ham biscuits and tenderloin sandwiches, among other treats, was an arrangement that brought Jessie to tears. There aren’t words to properly describe it. Thankfully we have pictures. Charlene’s eye for detail and ability to bring the outside in is special. 

Charlene and her team took care of everything from the food and flowers to the rentals and photographer. She created something beyond our imagining and her staff could not have been more professional and friendly. Our guests raved about everything from the arrangements to the food. We loved every minute of our night and we can’t thank her and her team enough.

-       Conor

Charlene and Denaya,

You truly hit the ball out of the park! Thank you so much for making our night so memorable. People RAVED (and still are) about you both, your staff, the food, drinks, flowers and set up. My friend in Maine just sent me a text today asking if you ship food long distance! To be honest, its impossible to express how impressed I am with the experience. If I tried, I would use an overwhelming amount of exclamation points and Conor really dislikes when I do that. :) Anyway, I can’t wait to relive the night through more pictures. Thank you again!
— Jessie

Dearest Charlene and the entire staff of Charlene's Kitchen:

Not sure where to begin on this one ?! .... ❤️😍😉

We were knee deep in the prep work for Ashley's wedding in February 2015, when Behle and Bahey became engaged on Valentine's Day! How on earth could both of my daughters be getting married with in less than year of each other?! Lots of love, excitement, happiness and joy were all around... And a little bit of panic on my side!! 😜

The challenge to not only make this the happiest and most special day for each daughter... But also make it unique allowing the personalities of each girl to shine. Keeping this in mind... The "dream team" gathered for their first meeting for the second Holbrook wedding last September. 😊 Charlene came to that meeting with excitement and energy!

Merging Egyptian and American cultures to create a Mediterranean influenced menu while staying true to the Bohemian-inspired rustic look Behle and Bahey wanted became our first order of business.  Charlene and team took this challenge head on, and the food was spectacular! Bahey claiming that the Sanayet Batatas (Egyptian potato dish) was as good as his grandmother's!!!! The highest of compliments!! 😍

There are so many details in a wedding to worry about... But with Charlene at the helm of the food, and drink... There is no worry; Bottom line... She delivers a product that is simply like no other. Her food is amazing... It is as beautiful to look at as it is to taste! Our Egyptian guests were overwhelmed with the authenticity of the dishes, and our American guests loved all the new flavors and tastes. Most importantly, Behle and Bahey, described their wedding as "magical" . ❤️❤️❤️ They both melted at the handmade wooden sign Charlene's creative team made for them as a surprise. They are making it into a table for their new living room! ❤️❤️

I am eternally grateful for the talented, hardworking, creative people, many who have known Behle since she was 6 years old, from Charlene's kitchen that made my little girl's dream come true. Thank you from the bottom of my heart ... Job well done my old friend...


Love always,


Sweet Charlene/the whole CK team!!

We knew going into this weekend that the food would be good, but good doesn't even cut it. It was INCREDIBLE. It blew away everyone who attended! My request to fuse Egyptian and American food was a hard one to wrap anyone's head around, but you took it in stride and you delivered! I believe my husband's exact words were "this cooking reminds me of my grandmother's cooking" which is a compliment I've never received from him (I may need some lessons!!). Everyone from Egypt not only felt as though they were transported back across the Atlantic, but everyone from America was able to experience the incredible flavors and foods from another country. 

We could not have possibly asked for a better experience. You, once again, have surpassed every expectation we had and made this weekend a SALEM DUNK! We love you!!!



The Salems (Behle and Bahey)